If I only had a lot of things….

A short little poem for you:

I’m not broken, maybe a little chipped.

But really, I’m like the scarecrow who sometimes has to stop and pick up my stuffing so I can be whole again.

It’s not so bad. Unlike most others, I can put myself back together.

Some things end up in different places but it’s all still there at least.

And sometimes I get to be someone new.

The scarecrow already had a heart and courage and knew where he belonged and he had a perfectly good brain all along.

He was already pretty whole. He just lost a few pieces here and there and had to go back.

That’s not so bad, I can live with that.

Obviously, I haven’t been writing much. I’ve been out there living my life without taking the time to document it. So this is my last post. The bill for this lovely site is coming due and I can’t justify paying it.

I hope I’ve opened up some eyes and shown a different side of surviving child abuse. I’m still not 100% healed but I’m building my life back up. I have a better outlook on life than I did when I started my journey. I feel better about myself. My life may be in a bit of a rut right now but I know I can eventually change it.

I survived an ugly, demented and sometimes lonely childhood. It wasn’t the end of my world. It shaped my world for awhile but it doesn’t define me. It’s a building block. I have a ways to go but it’s not so scary and lonely anymore. I know that I’m going to be ok. This is my life, it’s mine now and I’m going to live it.

Thank you to all who took the time to read what I had to say!

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