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Karma is a bitch!

I find that my beliefs are mixed and not fully set on many things. I believe in karma, good and bad. I believe in God. I believe he created this magnificent universe and then gave us free will to go … Continue reading

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The Incredible Illusionist… Or Delusionist. Whichever You Prefer.

I’ve been afraid to write about some things lately because I didn’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings and I was afraid of showing that I’m still going through some stuff. I’m supposed to be 100% better now that I’ve gone and … Continue reading

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Free to be Me and to New Beginnings

[Insert cheesy New Year post here haha] It’s an annual tradition for my dad’s family to have dinner and begin the new year together at my parent’s house. This year I decided to sit it out. I have a superstitious streak and … Continue reading

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