A Good Day

This past week has been pretty good to me. It’s not been perfect in the least but some important things are clicking into place.

-I’m becoming better organized and more willing to do the things I am supposed to be doing when I’m supposed to be doing them.

-I learned a few things from my classes. I really think that I’m going to enjoy school again which is such a relief.

-I didn’t take work home with me and I didn’t let work ruin my whole day.

-I also realized that I no longer want to be “the help”. I want more for myself and am willing to go out and find a job that will be a little more challenging, more my speed.

-Most importantly I let go. I was holding on so tightly to some ideas of how my life is supposed to be that I was making myself miserable. I made a decision as to how I wanted to move forward and I feel relief.

I am very thankful for this week. I plan to try to carry this equilibrium with me every day. Life isn’t out to get me.

I used to think that I’ve got a ways to go and now I’m starting to think I’ve got a little bit longer. Life is good.

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